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           Raw Feeding Tips

Thawing & Feeding

Thaw roll in the refrigerator overnight.
Put food in stainless steel bowl.
Put bowl in hot water for 15 min. to bring to room temperature.

Easy Method to Cut Frozen Rolls
Thaw roll in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
This will "partially" thaw the roll.
Use a serrated edge knife to cut serving size portions.
Put cut portions in a zip top freezer bag.
Put bag in the freezer.


Kitty Portions
Thaw a roll.
Cut a small opening, squeeze food into Ice Cube Trays.
Re-freeze immediately.


Easy Treats
A $20 dehydrator can be your best friend.

If your dog refuses to eat raw ...
Heat a fry pan on the stove, add a pat of butter, then 
VERY QUICKLY, sauté the food. Just a flip flop in pan.
The cooked aroma will entice the dog to eat.
Sauté it LESS with each feeding.
   * do NOT do this with Green Tripe !


Chewing Raw Bones means your dog will 
never have to go to the Vet to have teeth 
cleaned under anesthesia again !

For 100% safety - make sure the RAW bone
is bigger than your dog's head.

Always supervise the bone chewing sessions.
2 half hour chewing sessions a week will
produce sparkling white teeth. 

After the chewing session, slip the bone into
a plastic bag and refrigerate it until the 
next session. 

Never leave bones out. 
They can get brittle.


If your dog refuses to chew raw bones ...
Throw the bone on a BBQ grill for a few seconds, it cooks
the small amount of meat on it.
The cooked aroma will entice the dog to chew on it.