Product List

There are NO grains ! NO additives ! NO supplements ! No heat processing.
All products are FLASH FROZEN and shipped ONLY by FROZEN carrier.

The BRAVO! Blends product is pre-ground, packaged and frozen for your feeding convenience and ease of handling ... your hands need never touch the meat.

The best method of thawing is to place the rolls / food unopened in your refrigerator 
24 hours ahead of time ... then bring it to room temperature quickly by putting the bowl
with the food in it, in hot water for about 15 minutes.

GROUND MIXES ingredients:   
Ground Chicken Frames/Necks, Chicken Organs (heart, liver, gizzard), RAW fresh veggies
         Crude Protein (min%) 16.0 % Crude Fat (min%) 9.0 % Crude Fiber (max%) .2 % Moisture 72.0 %

Ground Turkey Frames/Necks, Turkey Organs (heart, liver, gizzard), RAW fresh veggies
          Crude Protein (min%) 14.2 % Crude Fat (min%) 5.9 % Crude Fiber (max%) 0.3 % Moisture 75.1 %

Ground Lamb Breast/ribs, Lamb Organs (heart, liver, kidney), RAW fresh veggies
   Crude protein (min%) 11.0% Crude Fat (min%) 24.0% Crude Fiber (max%) .3% Moisture (max%) 62.0%

Ground Beef w/bone, Beef Organs (heart, liver, kidney), RAW fresh veggies
      Crude Protein (min%) 14.21 % Crude Fat (min%) 17.62 % Crude Fiber (max%) .7 % Moisture 66.05 %

Ground Turkey Organs   - 33% hearts, 33% liver, 33% gizzards 
Ground Beef Organs - heart, liver, kidney
Pulped  Veggie MIX ( seasonal variety)  

Ground GREEN TRIPE - venison
Ground Duck w/bone
Ground Rabbit w/bone
Ground Lamb & Bone
Ground North Atlantic Salmon ( Belly Flaps-no bone)
Ground Turkey
Ground Buffalo
Ground Ostrich
Ground Venison
Ground Kangaroo   
Ground Chicken Necks SKINLESS
Ground Turkey Necks

CHICKEN - Chicken Necks SKINLESS, Chicken Backs, Chicken Frames, 
TURKEY - Turkey Necks, Turkey Hen Necks
LAMB Breast & Ribs
DUCK - Skinless Necks  
BEEF Liver (cubed), 
BUFFALO Liver (cubed)  

Beef Knuckle, Beef Marrow

Pork Hip, Pork Chime, Beef Neck, 
Lamb Femur  



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